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Re: Lots of T3 Parts! (I finally got a scanner!)

I should have clarified that I just bought a scanner to post some of my old
pictures from when I was heavily into T3's. These pics are from 10+ years
ago. I'd say about 50% of that stuff was sold off and the rest was kept
between me and a friend. My other friend that has all my old T3 stuff now
still has it and rarely sells anything.

The parts in those pictures are from my 3 week trip to europe (for the Bad
Camburg show/swap) many moons ago.
Some of the parts are from contacts we had/have in europe and were
pre-arranged, others were stuff I picked up at various swap meets during the
3 week stay, and the majority was from the VW Museum. The week we stopped by
the VW Museum they decided to open up the parts dept. for sale. Just
happened to be in the right place at the right time. Needless to say, I had
to wire home for more money. :-P

Sorry for the confusion,
Patrick D.

----- Original Message -----

> I want everything!! but only need somethings !!
> Are those wrap around dashes?
> Patrick, are you going to have prices up on your site?
> Will you accept a deposit for first dibs?
> Like I said I WANT everything, but realistically can
> only afford what I NEED.. ;0)
> Let me know,
> thanx,
> =====
> Rob

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