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RE: rear window defroster

I got the defroster on my rear window of my 68 square, but no switch!  The hinges are different colors so I figured the hatch is from another car... or maybe just the glass since the rear glass seal is the only cal look rubber.  I snatched a switch from a 69 I found at the junk yard, but haven't decided if the trouble to install is worth it.  Right now, when I take the square out into the "cold", it will usually defrost in about 10 minutes of driving with the vents open.  Anyway, how available are rear windshields without the defroster lines?  Anybody got the window trim for the rear hatch for sale?

Pleasant Hill, CA
68 Square FI
67 Kombi
95 Jetta III

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On this topic...a few questions/comments. Mine does not work, not sure if it
is the switch or the wire grid or both. But I have seen kits for repairing
the grid...has anyone ever tried this? It is kind of like some metallic
epoxy you paint on over the original stripes, and it helps to reconnect
them. You need to tape on either side of the line to get a nice straight

Two other options-it is the switch or I think there is a relay between the
switch and the wiring. Should the switch light up when you turn it on? It
looks as though it should light up...also is this just a regular toggle
switch, or is there some sort of timer on this thing (i.e. I think most
defrosters automatically turn off after a certain amount of time) I was
wondering because if the switch on mine is no good-I was just going to put a
new switch in, and wanted to make sure I could just put any switch in.

Is there a spot somewhere detailing trouble shooting the system?


'65 kombi
'71 sqbk
somerville, ma

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