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Re: [T3] RMMW, Type 3 owners will likely loose :-(

--- Russ Wolfe <russw@classicvw.org> wrote:
> I got this reply from the people who bought Rocky
> Mountain Motor Works.
> A little long but worth the read.
> Hello Russ, and thank you so much for your inquiry. 
> At this time, no definite decisions have been made
> on which parts we
> will and will not carry. According to our
> Merchandising Manager,
> however, we feel confident in saying that we will in
> fact continue to
> carry parts and accessories for the Type 3. With the
> acquisition of
> Rocky Mountain, we will have full access to their
> list of suppliers and
> product availability. I am hopeful, therefore, that
> you will be pleased
> with the variety of product available in the future
> through Mid America
> Motorworks.

Hi Volks,

I just got off the phone with a sales person from Mid
America Motorworks.  And the news is not good.  I
figured I'd try to order the lower inner quarter panel
rust repair panels, and the sales person said they are
NLA. The part # didn't even appear in their computer
system.  And that due to licensing restrictions from
VWoA MAM would not likely carry ANY Type 3 specific
parts.  So as RMMW's old stock is sold off, (the
selling of the old stock may not happen either, as
RMMW had the licenses with VWoA, and they were not
transfered to MAM), that will be it.  Unless another
distributor can pick up where RMMW has left off.  

Maybe after the intergration of the companies is
complete things will be better.  But it doesn't sound
too good :-(


John La Francois
Blauvelt, NY
'67 Beetle (Bubb) Currently under rustoration, by
'65 Notch S (Nubb) Awaiting rustoration
'98 Jettat GL (Wolfgang) Wife's Daily Driver

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