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Re: [T3] generator question

On 15 Mar 2004 at 12:45, jacob.a.schroeder.1 wrote:

> Recently, my car has been running a little rough from time to time.
> Usually, this occurs after I have made a trip and I turn the car off for
> 10 miunutes or so and then come back to the car and take off again.  Then
> I hear this noise coming from my engine compartment which from the front
> of a car almost sounds like a loose hose in my engine, or if somebody has
> a hose of water and is spraying it everywhere inside my engine
> compartment.  While this noise is going on my engine runs like it is
> struggling a LOT.  I have to keep pressing on the gas to keep it alive and
> my headlights are really dim.  It's like it's not idling fast enough to
> stay running.
> If I pull over and look at the engine, I can determine that the noise
> seems to be coming from my generator. 

> '72 FI Squareback

Wow, this really isn't ringing any bells with me. Have you tried listening with 
a long screwdriver in one ear, or with a piece of rubber hose?

Have you checked all the hoses to make sure that everything's tight and nothing 
broken? Check for loose tin. Check for hoses falling off? How's your gas 
mileage? Checked your charging system regulating voltage?

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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