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Re: [T3] 65 Notch restoration update

> The rear subframe is IRS which is also good, but you may choose not to use
> because it lacks the support that your 65 engine needs at the rear of the
> tranny. You could switch to this system, but you'd need the rear engine
> that would have to be welded to the sides of the notch body, and you'd
need a
> late engine which had the drillings and crossbar to connect to those
mounts, as
> well as an IRS type 3 transmission with the CV joints and axle
> Personally, I prefer the late IRS rears, but there's a lot of stuff to
> if you want to go this route.

We used to weld the inner IRS control arm mounts to the Swing Axle rear
suspension assembly. Everything else went in just like it was an IRS
suspension assembly. This way we would have both IRS and Swing Axle
tranny/frame horns to suspend the motor/tranny. We kept the stock Swing Axle
rear mount and never installed the IRS rear hanger mount. This was first
tried on the street, then later our track car used it as well. Seemed to
work really well with no downsides that I can remember.

I seem to recall that you could buy just the mounts from a buggy supplier.
They never seemed to work out as well, so we always took them off of an
actual IRS rear suspension. My memory is a bit foggy on this part, but I
think it had something to do with how close they were mounted to the frame
horns. Original ones fit better I think.

Looked stock still when you opened the engine compartment as well. ;-)

-Patrick D.

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