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[T3] generator question

Recently, my car has been running a little rough from time to time.
Usually, this occurs after I have made a trip and I turn the car off for
10 miunutes or so and then come back to the car and take off again.  Then
I hear this noise coming from my engine compartment which from the front
of a car almost sounds like a loose hose in my engine, or if somebody has
a hose of water and is spraying it everywhere inside my engine
compartment.  While this noise is going on my engine runs like it is
struggling a LOT.  I have to keep pressing on the gas to keep it alive and
my headlights are really dim.  It's like it's not idling fast enough to
stay running.

If I pull over and look at the engine, I can determine that the noise
seems to be coming from my generator.  When I'm at the back of the car, it
doesn't sound as much like a loose hose as much as it sounds kind of like
metal on metal rubbing (like those old electric slot cars).  Anyways, I'm
not sure if the noise from the generator is part of the problem, or just a
symptom caused by the problem.

Any ideas or places I can start?


Jacob Schroeder
'72 FI Squareback

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