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[T3] new distributor

<x-flowed>I've replaced my 009 distributor with a vacuum advance one that is correct for my car. My car is a 68 Notchback that has dual solex carbs, and the distributor part number is 311 905 205G.

Since installing it, my car appears to be running hot (the only evidence I have is that it "smells" hot, and when I turn on the rear heat and put my hand back there, the air coming out feels hotter than it used to). Can you guys suggest some less subjective ways to judge whether my car is overheating?

I timed it statically to 7.5 degress BTDC (according to the Muir guide). I know the Muir guide is sometimes wrong, but my Bentley covers 1968 and newer models with fuel injection, so it won't help me here. I have a Haynes on order (hopefully will get it sometime this week). I also confirmed that the vacuum advance is working using a strobe timing light and revving the engine.

The car appears to run fine at all speeds. I don't hear any pinging or backfiring.

Can anyone confirm whether the 7.5 degress BTDC setting is correct for that distributor?

Thank you,

Gary Trask
68 Notchback

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