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Re: [T3] 65 Notch restoration update

<x-flowed>Dave -

THAT'S GREAT, transporting a pan, beam *and all* home in/on a Dodge Omni! Congrats on finding the donor.

Nice pics; thanks for the update!!

- john

--On Sunday, March 14, 2004 8:52 PM -0800 David Sanderson <Porschedave@rennlist.net> wrote:

I've been reading the discussion of whether to leave the car stock or
mild updates or hot rodding. We're not sure where we are going with our
project but it is clear that it already has a life of its own. Maybe as
an author tells us, once you've laid down the characters in a novel
you're not always able to predict where they will go and how they will
act. We've been searching for a doner pan given that ours did not have
one - well, actually there was something there but when we stepped in we
fell through. Anyhow, we found an excellent pan with wheels, suspension
(front and back), all for a great price. We drove out today and picked
up. It came with disk brakes not available in '65 but we'll keep these.
The car, after all, will be Matt's daily driver when it's done so disk
brakes would be a good thing, and headrests?...  Anyhow, we've updated
the website to share with you.

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