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Re: [T3] Purest Type 3 group? (lowering)

> A HA!  OK,  Pat gets the gold star for dealing with half the problem of
> lowering, and I have actually mentioned a way of getting partial solution
> this.  Our suspensions dont have much travel at all, so any lowering
> it to nill very quickly.  You still have the geometry problem though, more
> precisely the lack of Caster angle.

For the most part the advantages out way the dis-advantages in my eyes.
Obviously we look through different eyes.

> In my opinion KYB's are STIFF STIFF STIFF, I have them on the rear of my
> Opel and I really need to take them off.  They will increase shock load on
> the beam innards and bring them to a quicker death.  The First Type 3
> used through 63 or 4 were wearing out at an unacceptable rate, the
> were failing and the thrust rings, things were then beefed up a bit and
> was well so long as you kept them well greased.  But if stresses are upped
> again, these same problems start to creap back.

On our track car we used new KYB shocks from some big full size car on the
rear that were much stiffer than the regular high pressure KYB's. But that
was a track car so that's understandable. I did drive it on the street a few
times however and it still rode okay to me. We have several pics of it
slightly lifting the inside front wheel coming out of the hairpin at Sears
Point. Looks cool even though it might not be completely ideal.

As far as regular KYB's on a T3, I loved them, but I also love to hang
turns. I'm not very fond of the highway/cadillac type of cars.

What do you run for shocks Keith?

-Patrick D.

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