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Re: [T3] Purest Type 3 group? (lowering)

Well... 32 Splines on the outer, so 360 degrees divided by 32 is 11.25
degrees per notch.
 so 3 Notches is 33 3/4 degrees, I cant see how changing the angle of the
loaded bar THAT much could still allow you to get things back togeather with
any travel... picture it, with only an inch or so of travel under the lower
bump stop with stock height, there is too little even with the stop removed
to rotate the bar that much.
What am I missing here?

> I commonly went 2 or 3 notches with no problems. For 3 I would remove the
> original bump stop and bump stop mount (the little nub and washer/spacer
> looking thing) completely. I would then add a small poly bump stop onto
> horn that held the original bump stop.
> Could your 12 degree figure be off? (just asking, I have no idea.)
> > Again... 36 degrees change in bar and how in the world do you even get
> > in??  It would be resting firmly on the lower stop even if you could.

OK.. I will, I wish you could make it to Hershey but there will be enough
witnesses there I will try this
during the front end session.  Ill try the one notch, 2 3... and see where
the arm falls.  Fair enough?
If im missing something here boy I cant put my finger on it!

> Try it and see. It is done all the time. I don't recall it being difficult
> at all. Again, maybe your 12 degree figure is off.
> > Because the shock is absorbed slowly if the torsion bar is allowed to
> absorb
> > it as it was designed.  If you slam the arm into the bump stop it slams
> the
> > arm against the needle bearing and bushing, and the needles actually
> > themselves into the race on the arm, causing quick wear from then on.
> Every
> > front end on every lowered car Ive seen has been shot.>
> That's because they didn't allow for adequate suspension travel with
> shocks. Other wise known as a "hack job".

True indeed... but I cant see how to get that suspension travel with those
ears on there, maybe one notch lower but not more than that.  You could cut
them off and weld new ones on or modify them to allow for more travel but
then your doing things not easily reversable.  You do need suspension stops
or the Bars start breaking prematurely.
> Sorry, I won't be making it to Hershey.
> This is strange, you say you can't see how we lower a car 3 measily
> and you are going to "show us how to lower"?

You can lower, I just dont see how to get it to the extent you mention.  6
Notches is over 66 degrees of rotation of the lower arm, you rotate it up 66
degrees and it will be sitting above the bump stop ear...
Ill try it in Hershey.... we will see.


> I've gone as much as 6 notches and still managed to get the suspension
> together. I don't recommend trying this as it was a trailered only show
> I also had to replace the upper ball-joints when I raised it to 3f/2r
> because they were worn out from being stretched so badly. It had at most
> miles on it. I drove it to the last show I took it to still at 6/3. It was
> 1.5 hour trip one way.
> I've driven with good results on 3+ notches in front with minor
> modifications.
> -Patrick D.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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