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Re: [T3] Purest Type 3 group? (lowering)

Pat D. wrote:
>Could your 12 degree figure be off? (just asking, I have no idea.)

KP>> Again... 36 degrees change in bar and how in the world do you even get it
KP>> in??  It would be resting firmly on the lower stop even if you could.

>Try it and see. It is done all the time. I don't recall it being difficult
>at all. Again, maybe your 12 degree figure is off.

Actually Keith is incorrect on the 12 degree figure, as it's really closer to 
10 (depending if inner or outer splines are being used (Bentley confirms it 
at 9*-10' outer, and 8*-50' inner)). I put one of those floating magnetic 
protractors on my lower trailing arms both before, during and after dropping it 
down 2 splines. The funny thing that happens though, is that as you raise the 
lower arm up, from 1 spline to 2 splines is the amount of degrees changed is 
actually less (using the outer as a reference). I found that the first spline 
moved it 10 degrees, but the second spline only moved it 4 more. So this starts 
becoming confusing, right?? It's supposed to be 10* per spline right?? Meaning 
the change from stock to 2 splines lowered only equated to moving the arm 14 
degrees total. I checked both sides too, and set both sides equally. Now I know 
the math does not work on this, but those are the results I got from watching 
the protractor. When I did the rear, I got the same results (I tried both 1 
and 2 splines down in the rear, before raising it back up to just 1 spline down. 
Can anybody explain why this math doesn't work right?? I know math is 
supposed to work, but in some instances math and the real world don't match. : )

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       71 Square, Now a 2 seat Roadster, pics can be seen at; 
http://volksrods.com or http://photo.starblvd.net/bobnotch

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