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Re: [T3] Purest Type 3 group? (lowering)

Yes Rob. Up to 2 outer splines in front and one outer spline in the rear is
easily reversible. Anymore and you will get into suspension travel issues
that will require you to do some modifications to the front beam to make it
still ride good. Basically ride comes down to having suspension travel to
absorb the bumps. Of course shocks and many other things affect this as
well, but since we are referring to lowering here, I'm just trying to relay
the pertanent info. No suspension travel = bumpy ride and reduced handling
capabilities. Avoid this at all costs. Including NOT lowering your car if
you aren't capable/ready to deal with these issues.

You will need to figure out some sort of new front rubber bump stop in the
front to maintain ride quality. Essentially you just pop the old one off and
find a much shorter replacement. If you want to go back to stock simply
remove your new bump stop, adjust the torsion bars back to their original
position and install the original rubber stop.

I also used to use KYB high pressure gas shocks ( the white ones ) to help
keep it from bottoming out the suspension on big bumps. They are a little
stiffer than the regular ( silver ) KYB's and provide a little sportier feel
to the car. Not harsh or stiff at all to me, but I am a racer, so my opinion
my be a little different than most. I'd still suggest the white ones. Does
Bilstein or Koni make any shocks for T3's? These would be even better.

You can literally adjust the suspension to sit within an 1/8" of anywhere
you want. The inner torsion bar splines have less splines making larger
movements than the outer splines. To make very small adjustments, you move
the outside one and then the inside one in the opposite direction to achieve
a tiny bit of change in the direction you want to go.

Each car will be a little different due to age and the use it has seen
throughout it's life. Some sag more than others and 2 splines in front might
just be too much on some cars. Same in the rear, I've done cars with only
one spline in the rear that looked "slammed" and I had to adjust it little
by little using the inside/outside method instead of just a single spline on
one end.

I need to get off my lazy but and get a scanner so I can show you examples
of cars with adjustments of 1 spline in front vs 2f/1r vs 3f/2r.

-Patrick D.

----- Original Message -----
> Patrick,
> So if done right this is totally reversable right?
> I want to lower my front end a notch or two, is this
> procedure explainable to someone who is mechanically
> inclined but whom has never done this?
> I'm going to keep my ride stock '63 notch, but plan on
> lowering the front and running my empi chromed 5
> spokes.
> TIA,
> rob

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