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Re: +AFs-T3+AF0- Purest Type 3 group? RANT+ACEAIQAh-

<x-charset utf-7>+AD4- I cant wait to see +ACM-10 dropped with louvers+ACE- :)

Ummm, you might be waiting a long time for that+ACE- +ACM-10 will not be lowered.

+AD4- I learned something new
+AD4- about early T3 production. When I say early I mean like the first 20,000
+AD4- ever produced. Alex at ISP was gracious enough to show me around the
+AD4- workings of the shop yesterday when I picked up some stuff. In there is a
+AD4- 1000 vin ruby notch with a sunroof. Killer in its own right but the
+AD4- was not the same as the cable one on my 63. Alex called it a wide sunroof
+AD4- and it popped open with a handle and was pushed back by hand+ACE- All steel
+AD4- you like the cable ones. It was narrower but longer than a cable common
+AD4- I had heard once along time ago about these but never seen one in person.
+AD4- Pretty fricken cool and I wish Id taken some pics.

I call them the refridgerator sunroofs. They remind me of an old
refridgerator with the handle that you pull out slightly and then slide it
back with. Has he restored that thing yet or is it still just sitting there?
I have a couple pics of it. I think they are just sunroof shots as the rest
of the car was the same as the rest. I probably wrote down the VIN +ACM- as
well, but have still yet to find my notebook. :-/

-Patrick D.

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