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[T3] Flooding carbs

<x-flowed>Hi all,

Until recently, my carbs were working OK, or so I thought.

Now the right-hand one is flooding. You can see fuel pouring into it
after the engine is shut off. Today I tried replacing the needle-valve
and the needle valve seal, and I tested the float to see whether it was
punctured. As far as I can see, nothing helped.

Looking into the carb with a flashlight (i.e. torch) it seemed as if the
petrol could actually be coming from the lower tube; the main fuel inlet
that is part of the carb body and which is connected directly to the
main jet. Is this possible? If it is, what could be the cause?

If this is unlikely and the petrol is coming from the accelerator pump
tube, then it's probably just likely that the replacement needle valve
that I used is faulty and I need to try others until I find one that
works. It's very difficult to diagnose this stuff, as it seems there is
no way to find the problem when the carb is out of the car. You have to
keep removing the carb and replacing it.

Finally, what kind of washer is supposed to go under the needle valve?


Daniel Baum,
'69 type 34 automatic.

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