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Re: [T3] Purest Type 3 group? (kind of a rant) (sway bar tangent)

<x-flowed>The mounting point on the lower arm is the lower shock mount. That is where my bar from JC Whitney mounts as well. I can tell you from first hand experience that is a bad location. I sheared mine off on the left side (shock still stays on by itself). Not only does that mount have to take the stress from a stock suspension standpoint, adding the sway bar introduces MORE stress to the mount (I seem to be the source of a lot of stress). Also, after putting the L-bracket on the stud, there isn't much room left for the nut to hold it all down. The stud pretty much sits flush with the nut and from everything I've read in my "Mechanical Engineering for VW Dummies" that is NOT a secure fastener -- there should be 3-4 threads of the stud beyond the nut. I had to use Loc-Tite to keep the nuts on and even still it didn't always hold, which meant I also kept a couple spares in the car :-(

I say again, an after-market mount would be clamped to the lower arms like the stock T1 units. Or someone would win a lottery and mill a larger bar to replace the stock unit ;-)

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Did you realize that you already had a front
anti-roll bar? It's built in; it's the upper torsion bar. Beetle people assume that our
front ends are just as poorly engineered as theirs, but type 3s came with
this feature designed in.


Adjustable, and non-adjustable for the T3...

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