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Re: +AFs-T3+AF0- Purest Type 3 group? RANT+ACEAIQAh-

<x-charset utf-7>Jason,
I think it's that you come to realise how cool they are even in stock form
after you have had one and really get into them. I was always a +ACI-stock+ACI- guy
when it came to the 63 and earlier cars. Back about ten years ago the 64-73
cars were a lot more plentiful and it wasn't such a big deal to mildly
customize one. These days it seems like ANY year is hard to find.

Same as always, I think each car should be accessed individually on what can
or should be done to it. If it's a nice example of an original car, I say
keep it that way and just try to maintain it or make it better (w/o
modifying it). If it's a mostly stripped rolling shell, I'd say it's fair
game for whatever you want to do, restore or customize. Same thing for cars
that have severe rust or structural damage.

Now cars like chassis +ACM- 0 000 054 that has SEVERE rust, it's obvious that it
is a somewhat important car in the type 3 world. It should be restored to
stock, as it someday will.

There is a certain Squareback custom that I have ALWAYS wanted to build.
Even 10 years after I had the idea, I can still picture it clearly in my
head, from front to back, and top to bottom. As you get older, you realise
that you won't ever have enough time to do all the projects that you would
like to do. I fear this one will fall to this fate.

I had my fair share of customs ( I even made the cover of Hot VW's once+ACE- )
and twice as many stockers.
I have fond memories of each and every T3 I owned, whether it was stock or

Last but not least.... to each their own. ( as long as it's done in a
reasonable fashion... no hack jobs please+ACE- ).

Best regards,
Patrick D.

----- Original Message -----

+AD4- I  can truly atest to the fact that as I progres thru this hobby I am
+AD4- becoming more and more strick stock. I wasnt always this way as I was a
+AD4- darkside member. I have just come to the conclusion that there are not
+AD4- many stock rides left to flaunt now a days. My perspective comes from
+AD4- an intimate part of NONA. The lowered, big engine and rim crowd
+AD4- the stock crowd in a clud thats root idea was the preservation and
+AD4- +ACI-restoration+ACI- of notchbacks. Granted whats a guy to do when he wants a
+AD4- notch(or any VW) and its a gutted hulk. Well the quickest way to get
+AD4- is to buy whats available right now. I did that with my 66 cal look fasty
+AD4- and my resto-custom 64 notch. But when I found the 62 notch in Seattle
+AD4- something clicked. I didnt want to be the norm, so I went stock. With the
+AD4- prodding of a fellow T3 vintage nut, I made the decision and first steps
+AD4- becoming a anal vintage nut. I think a car thats restored is 10 times
+AD4- to accomplish than a custom. Its the challenge that I like and that
+AD4- into my attitude on STOCK. So now-a-days I stive to have the purest notch
+AD4- around (or three).
+AD4- Pure and stock
+AD4- Jason Weigel
+AD4- 62 Gulf blue notch
+AD4- 62 Anthricite notch
+AD4- 63 Sunroof Pearl White notch

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