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Re: +AFs-T3+AF0- Purest Type 3 group? RANT+ACEAIQAh-

<x-charset utf-7>I  can truly atest to the fact that as I progres thru this hobby I am
becoming more and more strick stock. I wasnt always this way as I was a
darkside member. I have just come to the conclusion that there are not that
many stock rides left to flaunt now a days. My perspective comes from being
an intimate part of NONA. The lowered, big engine and rim crowd outnumbered
the stock crowd in a clud thats root idea was the preservation and
+ACI-restoration+ACI- of notchbacks. Granted whats a guy to do when he wants a
notch(or any VW) and its a gutted hulk. Well the quickest way to get results
is to buy whats available right now. I did that with my 66 cal look fasty
and my resto-custom 64 notch. But when I found the 62 notch in Seattle
something clicked. I didnt want to be the norm, so I went stock. With the
prodding of a fellow T3 vintage nut, I made the decision and first steps to
becoming a anal vintage nut. I think a car thats restored is 10 times harder
to accomplish than a custom. Its the challenge that I like and that cascades
into my attitude on STOCK. So now-a-days I stive to have the purest notch
around (or three).

Pure and stock

Jason Weigel
62 Gulf blue notch
62 Anthricite notch
63 Sunroof Pearl White notch

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