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Re: +AFs-T3+AF0- Purest Type 3 group?

<x-charset utf-7>Well, this list is about to chime in on all the things Ive changed on what
looks like the Stock 71 Square I drive, so while Im not a heavy custom guy I
have added my personality as you say.

Here is the reason you get this impression... most of us have learned the
hard way that these +ACI-popular+ACI- mods you mention are eather crap aftermarket
parts or actually affect the car in a very detremental way. We now hope to
keep the newbie to the T3 world from getting into the same frusterating and
expensive mistakes which often leave yet another Type 3 in the junkyard in

For example, Dual carbs on a stock or near stock size engine are far
inferior to the FI
The 009's are of very poor build quality these days and the wrong advance
curve for our use
Lowering changes the suspension geometry and leaves the car with bump-steer,
instability due to lack of caster and not enough suspension travel for daily
Blue coils also suffer from quality control issues.

Ive written several FAQ articles that can be found in the list archives or
on Toby's site (I think) that go in depth with some of these issues

Come to Hershey and start counting the mods on my cars, and until then, How
about Toby or Brian giving
Richard as sample so he wont think Im an absolute purist :-)  Custom can be
fine, so long as your smart about it and do your homework.


+AD4- Why do I get the impression this group is NOT into customizing their
+AD4- type 3? Nothing wrong with that. This group is very knowledgeable but
+AD4- anytime someone mentions doing anything other than stock it seems to be
+AD4- frowned on.
+AD4- IE: adding Dual carbs, .009 distributor, Lowering, blue coils, etc...
+AD4- Just curious, who is into stock and who is into custom? I personally
+AD4- like custom because I think a car is an extension of your personality.
+AD4- Anyway, I am enjoying this group and hope one day to contribute instead
+AD4- of take, take, take+ACE-
+AD4- Rich +ACY- Nicole
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