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RE: [T3] Purest Type 3 group? (kind of a rant)

--- "Schlegel, Richard" <RSCHLEGEL@OCSD.COM> wrote:
> I am very
> happy with our FI (one
> example) and it seems very simple to service now
> that I know what to do.
> So I assume (for now anyway) we are banished to the
> "Dark Side" of the
> force.   

Not until you stuff a Mazda Rotary or something in
your Square...

I think we're just about ALL open to suggestions that
*improve* something on our rides, even if it's not
stock... For example, has anyone used the anti-sway
bars available for our cars? I'm wondering if they'd
be a nice way to get rid of the excess body roll going
around corners...

Being a relative newbie to Type III's myself, I am
still amazed when I drive my '71 by the technology
that they packed into these little affordable cars at
the time. I have come to really really like the
automatic transmission, something to which I've really
only come around in the past month or so...

I'm just amazed how smooth it is, how well it shifts,
how it knows even without the kickdown when to
downshift if I'm trying to pick up speed... How it
just "works" well... 

Of course, having said all that, I'm just begging for
something to go wrong now, eh? :)


Have you driven your Type 3 today?

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