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RE: [T3] Purest Type 3 group?

That looks good. I love the stance! Mine is too far gone to ever put
back to stock. I bought it that way. Frozen in time from the 1980's. 
I am going to show my daughter how to tune her up this weekend. It is
idling rough. If this doesn't work I here saw that maybe rough idling is
caused by a bad voltage regulator? 
What are your thought of switching to an alternator or is a generator
enough? I know my Daughter will want a Killer stereo and I want to make
sure the power will be there. 
Take care,
Rich & Nicole (Daughter), Orange County, CA
70 Squareback MT FI

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I'm sure there some purists on this list, there seem to be anywhere you
go.  I've never felt stifled, however, I do think people are adamant
about preserving the few examples that still remain.  Here is my 68 just
recently lowered.  I, personally, like the character of the car as it
was designed, with modest modifications to suit my personal style.
Though I am conscious that I don't get too off the hook to the point
that the car can't go back to stock if ever wanted.  In the end, its ur
car, do what u want.


Pleasant Hill, CA
68 Square FI
67 Kombi
95 Jetta III

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