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RE: +AFs-T3+AF0- Purest Type 3 group?

<x-charset utf-7>I'm sure there some purists on this list, there seem to be anywhere you go.  I've never felt stifled, however, I do think people are adamant about preserving the few examples that still remain.  Here is my 68 just recently lowered.  I, personally, like the character of the car as it was designed, with modest modifications to suit my personal style.  Though I am conscious that I don't get too off the hook to the point that the car can't go back to stock if ever wanted.  In the end, its ur car, do what u want.


Pleasant Hill, CA
68 Square FI
67 Kombi
95 Jetta III

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Subject: +AFs-T3+AF0- Purest Type 3 group?

Why do I get the impression this group is NOT into customizing their
type 3? Nothing wrong with that. This group is very knowledgeable but
anytime someone mentions doing anything other than stock it seems to be
frowned on.
IE: adding Dual carbs, .009 distributor, Lowering, blue coils, etc...
Just curious, who is into stock and who is into custom? I personally
like custom because I think a car is an extension of your personality.
Anyway, I am enjoying this group and hope one day to contribute instead
of take, take, take+ACE-
Rich +ACY- Nicole

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... But for goodness sake dont lower it...+ACE-

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