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RE: [T3] Muffler Use

Depends on weather, salt use, and temp of engine exhaust...it seems that
high engine temp exhaust causes the metal to rust quicker...I imagine some
sort of temp/metallic reaction. The best way to preserve those things is to
get it ceramic coated. Probably cost between $100-200 dollars, but they give
a pretty good guarantee on them. I have no idea what a new muffler cost,
never mind a NOS muffler. If you have used it already, and there is some
rust, the ceramic coating places will still coat it for you, but I don't
think they warranty it.

I've tried those super high temp paints, with no luck, you know the kind you
are supposed to apply, then bake on by running the engine for 20 min. or
so...they always rust through pretty quickly, although at this point it
still looks like surface rust, I just keep spraying it every now and


'65 kombi
'71 sqbk
somerville, ma

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>my mufflers are usually dancing in the rear view
>mirror before I replace them

I recently purchased an NOS Walker T3 muffler. I was wondering
if I should prep and paint with POR15 silver hi temp to keep 
rust at bay. I know it won't help on the inside. How long does it
take to rust from the inside? 

'71 FI AT

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