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SEM is the name, what it abbreviates I'd have to go
outside and look, you can get it from automotive paint
stores, this stuff is by far better than POR15, body
shop guys swear by SEM. But again you must
sand/abrasive blast. 

SEM is said to coat farm equipment and never be top

it is a white/clear looking stuff like elmers glue,
when it reacts it turns black.

OTOH, donor metal rocks. . .

--- Kevin Guarnotta <kguarnotta@usa.net> wrote:
> I haven't heard of this SEM rust seal...who sells
> it?
> In the past I have used POR-15, amazing stuff for
> stopping rust...I have
> heard numerous folks swear by it...try por-15.com I
> think.
> There is also corroless from eastwood. I used some
> of this around the
> windshield of my bus, it is just starting to bubble
> a little now(about 5
> years) When I do it again I will probably use
> por-15.
> I think when topcoating por-15 you need to prime
> when then por-15 gets
> tacky, if you wait until it hardens-it is supposed
> to be really hard to
> rough up the surface enough for other paints to
> stick to it, although they
> recently came out with some tie-coat primer to
> overcome this. I haven't
> heard any feed back on the tie-coat primer stuff.
> -kevin
> '65 kombi
> '71 sqbk
> somerville, ma
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