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RE: [T3] Rust? Try one more time...

Thanks Robert. We are in Buena Park. If you check out the pics you can
see most of the rust is in the Top half of the car. Some around the
windshield too. We did begin to grind the rust and then coat with that
rust sealer. It is supposed to chemically stop the rust. She is going to
be driving it to high school so I don't want anything too fancy. Once
she is out of high school I may go through it again the right way.
Take care,
Rich & Nicole (Daughter), Orange County, CA
70 Squareback MT FI

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--- "Schlegel, Richard" <RSCHLEGEL@OCSD.COM> wrote:
really afford this right now so what do you do to fix
rust? Cut it out
and replace it or grind it and bondo it?

Where is the rust? Obviously not in the pan, so its
all body. Depending how bad the rust is I can
recommend a quick sorta dependable fix. Although keep
in mind the sure remedy is to cut out and replace, but
is not always necessary.

First off, if its rusted through try to sand blast
both sides of metal, grind, wirebrush by what ever
means you have to remove it. A good product to 'cure'
rust is by SEM and is called Rust Seal, simply brush
or spray it on follow the directions (cost is about
$30 quart.) This turns the metal to a black like
primer substrate, after 2 coats i recommend to use
Evercoat Kitty Hair which is a fiberglass filler which
creates more of a moisture barrier. Sand down semi
smooth and your top coats should be Evercoat glazing
polyester filler. 

If done right I've heard of this lasting for years,
the main thing is to remove rust quickly seal it, and
keep it from any form of moisture.

These products will be found at your local automotive
paint store.

Hope this helps,

BTW if you're near Riverside, CA i have all the above
mentioned products I'd be willing to let you use some
if needed.

Good Luck,

'63 Notchback in Riverside, CA 

Riverside, CA 

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