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Re: [T3] new main bearings & thrust cut (att Jim)

On 11 Mar 2004 at 13:00, phil cain wrote:

> I have a case from a good area of the country, had a
> set of bearings in it cut to the first cut of thrust,

There are only TWO official case thrust widths:

the original size: 22 mm (.86614")

the one and only OFFICIAL undersize: 21 mm (.82677")

These are the only 2 sizes that you can buy bearings with.

RIMCO, and perhaps some other good shops, will cut a case only as much as it 
needs to clean up, and then modify (widen) an undersize bearing to fit. I 
believe they do this in .004" increments. When they do this they stamp a 5 
digit number on the face of the case just outside of the place where the 
flywheel seal presses in. The first 2 digits of that number is the amount of 
oversize, in thousandths of an inch, that they cut the bearing bores, and the 
last 3 digits are the case thrust width in thousandths of an inch.

Look at your case and see if you find a number that matches up to what you 
measure. If so, you can send RIMCO that number and the journal size of your 
crank, and they can send you a bearing set that will work for you.

You could also do this yourself on a lathe, but you'll need to make some 
tooling and it's rather precise work.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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