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Re: [T3] Auto Tranny FAQ?

<x-flowed>My ATF level seems to be OK. I'll keep an eye on it, of course, as usual.

I suspect that what my car really needs is to have the crap thrashed out of it in a few really good long drives. Even after having driven it for just a few kms in the last few days, it seems better. It somehow seems to "soften up" when it's been driven for a while.

Unfortunately this isn't possible yet, as I need to pass inspection before I can take the car out on a public road. Friends who have visited seem to think the car would pass if I had it inspected now, so maybe soon it'll be back on the road.

Next Friday, we're having the inaugural meeting of the Israel Karmann Ghia Club. As it's at my house, this will be my car's first public exposure since I got it. Based on the feedback I get from the other members, I'll be able to decide what to do. I'm beginning to think I've done all I can to the car now on my own (I mean, the engine is now even running on 4 cylinders!), and the remaining parts of the restoration, which is mostly cosmetic stuff like fixing the paint and upholstery, need to be done by pros.


Jim Adney wrote:
On 10 Mar 2004 at 23:02, Daniel Baum wrote:

Yes. I have noticed that effect in the past too. My tranny does have a very
slow leak.

Dave Hall and I drove my '69 AT Squareback to Parma. That car had been parked for about 4 years and one of the first things I noticed was that the ATF level kept dropping. In the beginning, I was adding ~1 qt of ATF for every 2 fillups and was really annoyed at the thought of all that wasted oil for such a long trip.

Getting everything warmed up for significant amounts of time eventually had a good effect and the ATF consumption dropped off on the second day of the trip and was almost completely gone by the third. I think the return trip consumed less than 1 qt of ATF. Russ claimed, and was probably right, that the pan gasket just needed to get wet and warm enough that it would swell up again and start doing its job.

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