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Re: [T3] Rust? Try one more time...

On 11 Mar 2004 at 7:08, Schlegel, Richard wrote:

> I took my car to ISP west and they told me it would be $6000.00 to fix
> the rust and paint it! But they had an un-touched 1971 SB body that he
> didn't want to cut up because it didn't have any rust. He wanted
> $1000.00 for the body and $600.00 to put it on. Would this change the
> value of the car? My car has a cool history and I just wouldn't feel
> right telling people about if all I am talking about is the pan. I can't
> really afford this right now so what do you do to fix rust? Cut it out
> and replace it or grind it and bondo it? 

ISP is usually quite high priced.

The $6000 sounds high, but the $1600 sounds way low. I can't believe they could 
do all this work for that little money. I would expect that you would get it 
back and then discover that lots of things had been done wrong and would have 
to be done over, or that there were lots of things left undone, or, more 
likely, both.

If you went with the skin graft, you would end up with a "Frankensquare" which 
would have a 70 VIN and an obvious post-70 body, because only 71-3 got the vent 
louvers behind the rear side windows.

A good body shop can cut and weld and repair. There should be no need to 
replace large areas unless your car is really shot. OTOH, we haven't seen your 
car, but your enthusiasm seemed to indicate a car with a pretty good body. Body 
shop work will always be expensive, however. 

Any chance you can do any of this yourself? It's not easy, however, and I've 
seldom been happy with the bodywork I've tried myself. It's not one of the 
things I consider myself skilled at. It's more of an art than a science, and 
I'm not much of an artist.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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