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[T3] Side trim follow-up

I corresponded with Alex from ISP West about their SS side trim to determine the grade of steel.  He didn't have an answer, but offered up some other benefits of the SS trim that may outweigh the added cost... here it is FYI:

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From: Alex P. [mailto:alex@vwispwest.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 5:09 PM
To: Ruiz, Raul
Subject: RE: Side trim

In my opinion the added benefits are as follows, 1- appearance, looks like
chrome but will not deteriorate like it, 2- construction, its heavy gauge
construction provides ultimate integrity to each piece so it will not dent
as you try to install and if any damage ever occurs to any piece, it can be
straightened and polished to look like new again where if one tries to do
that with the aluminum it will probably fail and if it doesn't you'll have
to anodize it again after all, 3- Stainless steel as raw material cost more
than aluminum, 4- the molding kits are hand made and not stamped out or
extruded as mass production aluminum kits, 5- Price, you can replace an
aluminum kit 5 times over for the price of 1 SS kit, I rather do it right
the first time and do it once. Time is money.

I hope this helps...


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