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Re: [T3] Speedo question etc.

On 10 Mar 2004 at 17:22, Daniel Baum wrote:

> Once my car started running on all four cylinders, I suspect for the 
> first time since I've had it

It really is amazing how MANY little problems can build up in a car that has 
been neglected and then stored for a few years. Everyone will tell you that it 
ran fine before it was parked, but they never really mention why it was that 
they stopped driving it....

> While I was out there, I put a new speedo cable in. Strangely enough, 
> the brand new one that I bought recently wouldn't fit through the little 
> square hole in the inner hub cap, so I used another one that I had 
> around. It is a little too long, I think and is probably meant for a 
> Beetle. Once it was installed, there was actually quite a bit less noise 
> (the old one was kinked), and the speedo seems more stable, but there is 
> definitely a clicking noise coming from it as it spins. Is it possible 
> to fix this or do I need a new speedo?

The square holes sometimes get a bit of a burr on them. You can just force the 
end piece past that burr, or file it down.

Most people don't realize that a speedometer cable must actually be ADJUSTED 
after it is installed. Here's how:

1) Install the cable, being careful to route it properly. There should be only 
smooth bends when you're done, and you have to be careful not to kink it while 
you're installing it.

2) After the wheel end is installed in the grease cap, install the cotter pin 
(or circlip) and then reach inside the steering knuckle and pull the housing 
outward until you feel it stop.

3) Install the inner end on the speedo and screw the retaining nut on tight.

4) Go back inside the steering knuckle and push the cable housing in and out of 
the steering knuckle. Note how far it moves. Leave it in the CENTER of its 
available motion.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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