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Re: Speedo

<x-flowed>> The speedo makes a blood-curdling whine. I changed the cable today, and it is a bit quieter than it was, but it's clear to me that I won't be able to drive it properly till I get it fixed.

I recently replaced my speedometer cable as well because of a similar problem - a noticeable "clicking" in time with wheels.

The "Type 3" cable I bought was also a bit longer than the original I removed. Perhaps Type 34s took a slightly shorter cable? Everything has been fine so I'm not worried.

My new cable also increased the noise coming from the speedometer. I fixed the problem by doing 2 things:
1. I noticed the small protrusion that sticks up into the speedometer was longer on my new speedo cable. My original cable may have broken a piece off inside the speedometer but I couldn't see anything up in there so I ended up trimming it. This reduced the new noises I was hearing but I was still getting the original clicking sound.
2. I completely disassembled the speedometer and cleaned and regreased all the parts. Now it is nice and smooth.

I used my old speedo cable to test the speedo on my work bench before reinstallation.

If I had to do it again, I might let a professional do it... or I would at least take some photos of the process.

For the record, the new speedo cables take a 4 mm clip where it mounts to the wheel. My original one had a small cotter pin.

Everett Barnes
'66 Type 34

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