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[T3] Speedo question etc.

<x-flowed>Hi all,

Once my car started running on all four cylinders, I suspect for the first time since I've had it (I feel a bit silly really) obviously the carb balance that I had worked on before was put out of whack, since the right hand side was now sucking harder than it used to. I rebalanced the carbs, and it was quite a revelation. I think the car is actually running approx quite close to how it should. It idles quietly and without histrionics, it goes smoothly and feels like it has plenty of go. It's quieter and "calmer" than it used to be. Over the weekend I'm going to do a full tuneup to really nail it.

While I was out there, I put a new speedo cable in. Strangely enough, the brand new one that I bought recently wouldn't fit through the little square hole in the inner hub cap, so I used another one that I had around. It is a little too long, I think and is probably meant for a Beetle. Once it was installed, there was actually quite a bit less noise (the old one was kinked), and the speedo seems more stable, but there is definitely a clicking noise coming from it as it spins. Is it possible to fix this or do I need a new speedo?


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