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Re: [T3] 73 Fasty FI Question

--- Rob Snow <ugly442@yahoo.com> wrote:
> This sounds so familiar it's almost funny.  I bought
> a
> 73 fasty that didn't run last year.  It still runs
> like crap, but technically it runs.  
> It has been switched by (I don't know who) to carbs.
> It seems like as soon as I fix one problem another
> falls apart.  It's been in the shop about half the
> time i've owned it.

I'm no expert either, but the great thing about FI is
that once you find out what's wrong and fix it, it
just *works*... No tuning involved, no syncing stuff
up, no adjustments...

> I'm no expert, i'm no mechanic, hell i'm new to the
> type 3s, so take my advice as you will.
> Injector trouble is expensive to have fixed, 
> I've been told that the original fuel injection is
> old
> and sorta unreliable. 

We're had a lot of talk about this on the list
recently, and most of us here are FI people *because*
of the reliability of the system. You just need to
know how to troubleshoot it. Just mention a symptom on
the list and you'll probably have your answer in an
hour or so.  And some people on this list have parts
they're willing to sell as well.

I had two leaky injectors and found a couple NOS Bosch
ones on Ebay for $25 each. Not too bad. After that, it
was just a matter of fixing vacuum hoses and my car
ran as good as new. Rarely should you have to pay
mucho $ for FI-related problems. Even if you need a
whole new brain (like I do on occasion), someone here
will have one for you.


Have you driven your Type 3 today?

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