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Re: [T3] 73 Fasty FI Question

<x-flowed>Brodie -

Check out
<http://www.type3.org/listarchive/msg03738.html> for a thread from last week that addresses the same question.

Basically, NO, don't pull the FI! As other posters said, if the body is in good shape, it might be worth the $500 asking price. You may want to use the non-starting condition as a reason to drive the price down a little. ("I've heard FI might be expensive to fix, but if I buy carbs, that will set me back almost as much as your selling price!").

Check <http://www.type3.org/tech/> for some articles that might help you, such as tracking down water leaks (it has some T3 specific info).

Somewhere I know I've seen a page on what to look for when buying a Type 3 Volkswagen, but I can't seem to find it now.

I would take Rob Snow's comments:
Injector trouble is expensive to have fixed,
I've been told that the original fuel injection is old
and sorta unreliable.  I wouldn't know, personally
with a grain of salt. The collective voice of the list seems to be that the FI is actually top notch... *IF* you take the time to learn the system, and work on it yourself, with help in the form of both advice & spare parts from the list. Get a Bentley repair manual for the T3 (there is also a FI specific manual out there, too, but I don't know the author off the top of my head).

I believe - someone correct me if I am wrong - that the FI in the T3 is the D-Jetronic; do a web search on this, and you'll find all kind of info on troubleshooting it.

- john

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