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Re: [T3] 73 Fasty FI Question

> cooled. Is it worth my time to purchase this vehicle for $500?

YES!  Especially if the car is complete and no engine pieces, including
engine tin and FI components are missing.  Get a Bentley manual (it's still
in print), and compare the photos in there with what you see on the car.

> Should I switch to a carb. instead of FI?

NO!!!  The car will never be the same if you do this.

> Is FI in the Fasty as unreliable as mechanics say it is?

NO!!!  The average mechanic simply does not understand the FI, so they
almost always recommend tearing it out and replacing it with something they
think they know how to work on.  YOU need to learn about the FI and make
your own repairs (lots of help here for that).  A lot of times, starting and
running problems are not even the fault of the FI but turn out to be
something ignition-related.

Now, to your no-start problem:  Assuming everything got put back together
correctly after the tank replacement (again, see Bentley), listen carefully
for a series of relay clicks when you go to turn the key.  When you turn the
ignition key to "on" (don't try to start yet), the main FI power relay
(behind you, under the rear seat) and the fuel pump relay (under the dash,
close to the steering column) will click on at the same time.  After a
second or two, the fuel pump relay should click off.  So you should actually
listen for two clicks (two simultaneous "on" clicks and an "off" click).  If
so, then you know the FI is being energized and the fuel pump is getting
power.  Let us know what you hear.

You should expect to have to replace every bit of fuel hose in the car.
Standard 5/16" line will do it (our FI is of low enough pressure that the
more expensive FI-rated stuff is not necessary).  Also, get that Bentley
manual NOW. 

-Mark Fuhriman
 '69 Fastback

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