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Re: [T3] 73 Fasty FI Question

This sounds so familiar it's almost funny.  I bought a
73 fasty that didn't run last year.  It still runs
like crap, but technically it runs.  
It has been switched by (I don't know who) to carbs. 
It seems like as soon as I fix one problem another
falls apart.  It's been in the shop about half the
time i've owned it.

I'm no expert, i'm no mechanic, hell i'm new to the
type 3s, so take my advice as you will.

Injector trouble is expensive to have fixed, 
I've been told that the original fuel injection is old
and sorta unreliable.  I wouldn't know, personally
though.  I have the dual carbs, and let me tell you
they are no walk in the park either.  I've had linkage
problems, i had one that was stuck, and currently i'm
having them tuned properly.
The advantage to the carbs i've been told, is that
they are cheaper to fix, and I believe they might be
easier to work with.  They don't get the gas mileage
though of a properly running fuel injected engine.
If it were me, I'd ask for the price to be lowered.  
You'll probably be spending the difference soon
anyway, wouldn't it be better to spend it on repars,
but that's a personal call.  

Normally I don't give advice, but this one was just so
similar to what I'm going through, I had too.  

I hope that you find a way to enjoy the fasty.

Rob Snow
Missoula, MT
73 beat up fasty
PS don't forget, I'M A NEWBIE

--- "Brodie Nelson\\" <brodienelson@comcast.net>
> I have a question about a possible 73 Fuel Injected
> Fast Back that I am
> considering purchasing.  The car is currently in
> non-starting condition.
> The owner said that when it ran, he experienced
> signifigant power loss (in
> acceleration) and decided to replace the fuel
> filter.  After noticing
> signifigant rust in the filter he decided to replace
> the (rusty) fuel tank.
> He replaced the fuel tank and has been unable to
> start the car since.  He
> believes that it might be injector trouble and has
> swapped a couple
> injectors with used ones without any change.  It has
> spark, I believe it
> might be fuel pump.  I have other VW's and have
> experience working on air
> cooled. Is it worth my time to purchase this vehicle
> for $500?  Should I
> switch to a carb. instead of FI?  Is FI in the Fasty
> as unreliable as
> mechanics say it is?  Any/all info would be greatly
> appreciated.Thanks
> Brodie
>  Seattle
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