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[T3] New Mexico

<x-flowed>--On Sunday, March 07, 2004 10:58 AM -0800 j gv <messedabout@yahoo.com> wrote:

hello all... first real post here...
anyone else from new mexico?

have a couple of notchs..


jason vye

Hey Jason.

*WHERE* in  New Mexico?... it's kind of a big state, you know!

I am in Albuquerque, transplanted almost ten years ago from the tri-state area of Ohio / Pennsylvania / West Virginia (raised in Wheeling, WV, lived a few years in Martins Ferry, Oh). I've gone on a few southwest car errands - picking up an dodge engine & tranny in Dallas, and towing a freebie Beetle back from Hobbes.

Growing up, we had a '74 Bus - with California emissons no less! - which was a part of the family basically through the second half of my childhood (say ages 9 through 20). I learned to drive in it, and I learned to love in it (how's that for right out of a song lyric?). My oldest brother had a '71 Super, and later on my second brother had a '63 Beetle. The '71 didn't survive an encounter with a deer, and the '63... well, let's just say that THAT brother didn't exacty care for his cars like he should have; it eded up being sold to one of my classmates, who was REALLY pissed when he realized the engine was locked up. HEY! Not my fault... talk to my brother!

My love affair with the VW re-ginited not quite two years ago, when I was enraptured of a '72 Super Convertible. Since then, I've stripped a parts super beetle a friend gave me (his wife wanted it out of their driveway) as well as stripped that above mentioned Beetle from Hobbes (no title, no engine, lotta rot, now spare parts). In addition to the 'vert, I've since purchased a '71 Super for $100 (from the same friend I got the parts super from; this one is complete, but is about to go another friend after I pull the seats, drivetrain, and axle shafts), as well as yet another '71 super off of eBay for $25 (no drivetrain OR axles, no gas tank, speedo, and I am not sure what else; it was nice that is was just across town, though, so no cost in getting it home). The latest addition is a $175 Square off of a buddy (which is why I am on this T3 list!)...

Too much information, huh?

Anyway, I'm in New Mexico. :-) Where in the state are you? I love the notch, and would really like to have one. What years/shape are yours in?

- john

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