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[T3] Carbs to FI question

Peter's question on whether or not he should fix his mechanic-condemned FI system or go to dual darbs is why I am sending this question. I figured the collective answer of the list would be to fix Peter's, not convert it, and that's exactly that happened!

Anyway, while there is another project higher on my list - getting my Super Beetle Convertible on the road first - I am wondering: should I refit my '72 Squareback back to FI? If the answer ends up yes-I-will-try-this, I figure the extra time would be good to start acquiring parts. I also expect money will be an issue for me, so stretching out the progress of getting this Square going is actually a good thing. meaning I might be able to afford it if I stretch it out!

Here's the long version: I bought this SB from a buddy; he got it (plus a spare parts car) from I-don't-know-who. I-don't-know-who told him the engine is out of a bus, and it is currently dual carbs. It's got a salvage title, and I suspect that the P-PO titled a junk yard car. All the posts about how great the FI system is have got me wondering if I would like it more than dual carbs there now (more powerful, better on a cold engine/warm up, easier to tune, easier to go across high altitude differences, among others). I have not yet ever started the engine, or even heard it turn over yet.

I don't know much more than what I just said. I couldn't see any serial number on the engine - the type II s/n is supposed to be front of the case (front is front) by the parting line, next to the transaxle right? I could not see one there, so I don't know the lineage of this engine yet.

The fuel pump is on the engine, but not connected, so I wonder if the FI fuel pump is still under the car hooked up (yes, yes, I know: THAT is simple enough to check! The weather seems warm enough today, maybe I'll drop under the car and take some pics). It's a manual tranny, too (how do I check if the car came AT from the factory?).

To start this off, two actual questions: What is the likelihood that I'll be able to assemble an entire FI setup (which is composed of what? the injectors, the manifold, the brain, what else?), and does anyone have pics of a FI engine bay, so I can check it I have any of the wiring harness stilll there? Well, I guess that was three questions, wasn't it? Or was it four? :-)

Anyway, whadyathink?

- john in Albuquerque

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