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[T3] Notchback Stock Car Races Today In Riverside, CA !! (long)

The late battery posts sorta 'sparked' my attention to
the 6V battery thats been sitting in my garage for 2
years. A couple days ago i hooked up an old sears
6/12V battery charger (i was unsure this thing worked)
to the battery and left it to charge for like 3 days.
Today as i was doing final detail prep for paint, i
hooked up the battery and atempted to start my notch
for the first time in 2 years!!

I'd try a couple turns, let it sit, prep car, then try
to start again. Eventually it took and wham she fired
up. I let it idle a while. Then throughout the day i
would start it and let it idle a bit. Toward the end
of the day, i decided to put my driver seat in the car
and take her for a spin..

Imagine if you will, theres absolutely no glass in my
car, no interior, car is completely striped inside
out. And im cruzing down my street as i come to a stop
and my passenger door starts to swing open, AHH !! I
save it in the nick of time before it slams against
the curb, so i get smart and return home to tie my
doors shut.. Then i proceed to go back and forth in my
neighborhood, i know my neighbors are certain i've
lost it now. At anyrate i felt all the wind in my
face, and with a stripped car it sorta felt like i was

Reality:: I notice as im letting out the clutch it
makes a grinding, or humming noise, i dont remember
this sound before, could it be after i removed my
clutch assembly i simply didnt adjust it right? 

All in all, i had a blast in my notch, driving it and
working on it. Today was a good VW day !! And the
battery appears to be fully charged although im not
sure because i dont have a volt-a-meter..


rob ""VW Stockcar Driver""   :0)

Riverside, CA 

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