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Re: [T3] a few misc items...

On 5 Mar 2004 at 19:53, Jacob Schroeder wrote:

> About the rear defrost. my back window looks good (conducting wires seem to
> be in great shape) and I have wires that run back there, so, I'd like to get
> it functioning.  While playing around with my voltmeter, I notice that when
> I turn on the switch for the rear window, I get .05 V from one wire to the
> other (when I disconnect the wires that slip on the rear window and measure
> across those) and the resistance from one terminal on the window to the
> other terminal is around 3500 ohms. 

There's something wrong with the system that delivers power to your window, but 
that's moot, because the resistance of the window has gone way up past where it 
will be useful. The windows should be less than 10 Ohms to work properly.

>   Screw that holds in sun visor clip

I'd have to check.

>   Screw/bolt that holds on front turn signals

What year? What style? Which screw?\

> My gas gauge is not functioning properly; I know at least the gauge is bad,
> because it changes values when I tap it, where should I start here?  Is
> there anything I can do to fix it if it's "bad"?  I am an EE student so I
> can handle electrical stuff if need be.

If it's in the meter, then it's most commonly the ground. I think this usually 
comes thru the spring contacts that hold the instrument in the dash. Make sure 
it's in there properly and securely.

> Last, but certainly not least, my front drivers side turn signal needs some
> work.  I don't believe that the wires are hooked up correctly and I can't
> figure out which combination of wires to terminals will make it work.  Is
> there any advice of what to look for with a voltmeter as far as which wire
> should be which and which one will go where?

You should be able to study the Bentley manual and figure this out. No problem 
for an EE student. Do you have one of the early ones with the color wiring 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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