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Re: [T3] Flooding carbs

<x-flowed>I believe that's precisely the problem that I had. I installed brand new float valves, and both of them flooded. I installed old ones I had in my parts store, and now they're fine. One of the new ones was bad out of the box and I changed it months ago. The other one went bad recently and I changed it today.


BOB2TYPE3S@aol.com wrote:
Daniel wrote:

Now the right-hand one is flooding. You can see fuel pouring into it
after the engine is shut off. Today I tried replacing the needle-valve
and the needle valve seal, and I tested the float to see whether it was
punctured. As far as I can see, nothing helped.

When this happened with my son's car, the real problem turned out to be a bad "new" float valve. Actually it was a bad pair of them, as I guess the rebuild kit had sat on the shelf too long. I ended up using the old ones, as they didn't stick open. I don't know how they did that, but after I changed them for the old ones, the problem was corrected. I hope this helps, and just a thought.

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