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Re: [T3] Flooding carbs

<x-flowed>Now that the engine was no longer being flooded with petrol, I took the old girl for a drive, for the first time in months. As it turns out, there is still a tiny drip in the carb, just very slight, but I suspect I'd probably need some new parts to fix this.

I didn't go very far (not road legal yet) or very fast, but the car felt better than it ever had done. before.

Since the last time I drove it, I've replaced the rear shocks, the engine mounts and rebuilt the drive shafts. The result is that it is less bouncy, quieter (less vibration from the engine), and for some reason, much more full of urge. It really wanted to go. I can't explain it, especially since, as far as I know, the engine is currently running on three cylinders :~( It changes gear more readily too, and revs higher before changing gear. It was very noticeably more nippy and full of go.

The were a couple of points: there is now a whine from the back that I wasn't aware of before. It could just have been hidden by the other noises that are now gone. It's not high pitched, and it doesn't sound "bad" it's just there. If the car was manual, I'd think it was natural, and it seems to happen most in second gear, but I can't be certain till I drive some more.

Also, when I went up a hill, the car kind of "oscillated" when I gave it lots of gas. It kind of "surged" and then slowed down a bit and then "surged" again. It wasn't extreme, but it was noticeable. I theorised that it might be because the ATF was low. I checked it after the first run, and filled it a bit, but I didn't want to push it again to see if it would do it again.

It's time for a proper tune-up now that the carbs seem to be OK. Maybe after that it'll go better.


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