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[T3] Spring Fling 2004

Hi  T3ers,

Here's a chance for the New Yorkers, (and the
surrounding area T3 owners), to try again at meeting. 
This is just a little gathering so we can meet up with
old friends, and make some new ones.  And see what
everyone has been up to over the winter.  Our Club's
begining to the show season.

Are you looking for something VW related to do on
April 17th?  Feel like dusting off that car that you
have had stored for the winter?  Want to get out in
the sun and fresh air and say goodbye to your winter
blues.  Then come join the Lower Hudson VW Association
at our 5th Annual Spring Fling.  Please bring a picnic
lunch for yourselves, as food is not available at the
Park on this date.  BBQ-ing is allowed. 
LHVA Spring Fling
Location:  Rockland Lake State Park, Parking Lot # 1
Corner of Lake Rd, and Route 9W, Congers, NY 10920
Date:	April 17
 	Time:       9:00 Am - 3:00 Pm
For more information click on the link,
Or e-mail us back, and we will try to answer any
questions you may have.

Hope to see you all there!!


John La Francois
Director LHVA
'67 Beetle (Bubb) The body and the refurbished chassis
have been reunited ;-)
'65 Notch S (Nubb) Awaiting rustoration
'98 Jetta GL (Wolfgang) Wife's Daily Driver

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