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Re: [T3] cracked case question

On 3 Mar 2004 at 10:58, Nicholas Schafer wrote:

> >What year is your car? What year engine was offered to you?

> 1970 FB FI.  I have been looking at mofoco, steelbuggin and BAP import
> parts stores for remanufactured and new engines.

You might want to mention where you are located. There might be someone near 
you who has a good used engine. I'm not too impressed with the places you 
mention above, except for steelbuggin, which I've never heard of.

If you really want the job done well, plan to do it yourself, spend a good bit 
of money, and take a long time (months) to do it. The best thing to do would be 
to buy a good used case, tear this engine down and rebuild it yourself.  

If you've never done this before it will be quite a learning experience, but 
you will get lots of help from the list and you should get a good finished 
product in the end.

I have good used cases, as well as almost anything else you might want. We 
don't really know yet what kind of work the DDB will turn out, but they are a 
strong presence here and are certainly enthusiastic. If you don't want to take 
this on yourself they might be a good bet.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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