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RE: [T3] Shift problems

This was my first thought too. How is it when you are stopped at a
light? It would seem the clutch was not disengaging all the way. When it
shifts OK you probably just get lucky and sync the gears up. In the past
(80's) I have been able to shift a VW without using the clutch at all as
long as I don't have to stop. :-)

I was able to take back my Dual carbs, coil, fuel pump, etc. They gave
me a store credit otherwise I would have had to pay the 20% stock
charge. Oh well. I guess I will have to spend it sooner or later. I
would like to put in a reverse lock out shifter and was wondering which
one you recommend. The guy at the store said he liked the one with the
ring you pull up. I like the t-handle one with the button. He said those
were made cheaply now and don't last long. 

Take care,
Rich & Nicole (Daughter), SoCal
70 Squareback FI

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Russ Wolfe said> If it seems to shift OK, when the motor is not running,
but won't shift when the it is running, then the clutch is not
releasing. It may be as simple as a bad clutch cable, of it could be a
clutch cable tube broken loose inside the tunnel. It is also possible
the the pilot bearing in the end to the crankshaft is bad. 
The first 2 can be done with the motor and trans in the car. The other
requires an engine pull.

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Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2004 7:30 PM
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Subject: Re: [T3] Shift problems

> Just, sometimes the lever does not want to move, esp. into 1st & 2nd.
> When the car's off, it moves easily, with or without the clutch
> When we're running, the shifter works normally about half the time,
and with 
> varying difficulty the other half.
> Sometimes it absolutely refuses to go into 1st or 2nd - the trick I've

> happened upon (symptoms only started yesterday) is to find 3rd, start
> slip the clutch, then it'll go into first no problem.

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