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RE: [T3] 6v battery shorted out?

I went through some 6v problems this winter, looked into the optima, and the
local dealer looked at me like I had two heads...I called Optima and they
told me their battery sold for over $100 dollars, and had a three year
warranty(if that, not sure on the length) the FLAPS battery was about $32
and had a three year warranty too. So I figured...if I can get the FLAPS
battery for about 1/3 the price, and it is easy to get(ie the sell them
right around the corner from my house) then that is the way to go.
Replacement is not that hard...


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Hey dont feel bad. I havnt driven my 63 for a bit so it went dead when
before it was the champ. Now it to wont hold a charge for less than 15 min.
So I too switched bateries from the 62. Well this battery is slightly better
holding a charge for the day. Bummer on my end as well. Let me know if you
find a good deal on the Optima.


> Yesterday I went out to my 6 volt '66 Type 34 and dang, dead battery.
> Really dead, the dash lights didn't even come on.
> I thought something ran it down so I hooked up my battery charger.  The
> charger just clicks on/off and the little dial flicks back and forth near
> the 0% charged mark.  Weird.  I guess the battery shorted out internally?
> never had that happen before.  Voltmeter reads only milivolts.
> The 6v battery in my Squareback charges fine so I swapped it over.  I
> charged it up last night, drove to the gas station, and it wouldn't
> when I got back home or this morning.  A dead cell, most likely.
> Bad day for 6v stuff.
> It's Optima time.
>  --
> Everett Barnes
> '63 Squareback, '66 Type 34
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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