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Re: [T3] 6v battery shorted out?

> Hey dont feel bad. I havnt driven my 63 for a bit so it went dead when
before it was the champ. Now it to wont hold a charge for less than 15 min.
So I too switched bateries from the 62. Well this battery is slightly better
holding a charge for the day. Bummer on my end as well. Let me know if you
find a good deal on the Optima.
My '63 Squareback had the wrong battery anyway (the too tall one) so it'll
get the Optima since they last longer without a charge and I don't drive it
too much or too far.  It had a Canadian Tractor Battery in it.  Ghetto!

The '66 has the new, big $$$ Optima in it right now but I'll probably head
over to the Interstate Phoenix warehouse.

>the Optima, is what the ultimate choice?
Dry cell technology.  No stuff to leak out, nothing to top off.  Expensive

>I too had battery problems as did the PO, PO replaced the battery like 4
times in two years, i have all the receipts etc. Whats up w/ the warranty on
a 6v?
6v batteries can be touch & go, I've had one that had a bad cell right off
the shelf and one that failed within 6 months.  I think they sit around a
lot as someone told me VW upgraded to 12v at some point?  Urban legend, I

- Everett

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