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Re: [T3] will a '68 eng. work in a '63?

As Steve stated the engine bay on the 61-63 T3 is narrower due to the single
carb set-up. In 64 it was nessary to widen it to allow space to acess the
sides of the carbs for adjustment and removal. If you wish to use the 68
motor as the beater motor and save the original 63 then AND keep an original
set-up to the laimen then you will need to do the following: Find good
single port heads for the 68 or use the ones off the 63. Find early single
port narrow tin 61-63 (hard to find) or find 64-66 single port tin and cut
it to fit the narrow bay. Find a 6v fan housing to replace the 12 one on the
68. Get a 6v flywheel. This is what you would need to get to put a 68 into
your 63.

Or you could just get some nice "extra" single port heads and take all the
tin, carb and other stuff fom the 63 motor and make your motor with the 68
long-block less the heads and flywheel. Thats what I would do if you dont
mind the usage on the original motor stuff. As always Im here if you need
the help.

On a side note to Rob, I just found a guy with a 64 notch here in Murrieta.
Stock and clean and ready to hang out at shows.


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