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[T3] Shift problems

<x-flowed>Hey all.

Another day, another issue. My clutch and/or gearbox are giving symptoms which I've never encountered before. The car is VERY hard to shift - it doesn't wanna go into gear when it's running. The clutch seems fine, it's not slipping or jerky (like the clutch failures I've experienced in the past) - when I do get it into gear, it grabs nice & hard, the transition's smooth enough.
Just, sometimes the lever does not want to move, esp. into 1st & 2nd.
When the car's off, it moves easily, with or without the clutch depressed.
When we're running, the shifter works normally about half the time, and with varying difficulty the other half.
Sometimes it absolutely refuses to go into 1st or 2nd - the trick I've happened upon (symptoms only started yesterday) is to find 3rd, start to slip the clutch, then it'll go into first no problem.

In anyone's opinion, where do I start my troubleshooting? Clutch itself? Cable? TOB? Shifter bushing/coupling? Windshield wiper motor? Horn fluid reservoir?
I've got 2 weeks off, starting tomorrow - somebody tell me how you think I'll be spending it? C'mon make my day, tell me you think it's something simple.

thanks so much.

'72 square
redondo, ca

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