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Re: [T3] Thank You!

--- "Schlegel, Richard" <RSCHLEGEL@OCSD.COM> wrote:
> I have another question. I have noticed there isn't
> much room to stretch
> out the old left leg while driving. Is it possible
> to move the seat back
> by redrilling the seat mounting holes? I think I
> have the seat back as
> far as it will go. If it just went a couple more
> inches it would be
> perfect for me. Would this effect the back seat?

We had a topic of discussion here a while ago about a
removeable bracket that apparently blocks the seat
from going back all the way (most likely in order to
allow extra legroom for rear-seat passengers). You
might want to dig in the archives, or someone can tell
you where it is. You'll probably see if if you look at
the seat rail from the back. Not sure how you take it
out as mine had already been done. 

On another note, like you I felt the driving position
to be a little uncomfortable until I got used to it.
The seats in my Jetta III used to go back so far I
couldn't reach the pedals. I got used to having a
"laid-back" driving position. Once I got used to the
"chair-like" upright driving of the Type III,
everything was fine, so it's possible that you'll get
used to the different positioning.


Have you driven your Type 3 today?

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