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Re: [T3] FI Tester Results & Questions

--- Patrick <tuff240@prodigy.net> wrote:
> I used to have a factory fuel injection diagnosis
> machine/computer/box
> thing. Just a large box with a few knobs and such
> that plugged in line
> between the harness and main computer.

That's exactly what it is. It has the VW brand on it,
but it was made by Grundig.

> My friend
> still has it. I never used
> it as I did mostly 67 and earlier cars. I'm not sure
> if it checked the
> actual computer brain or just the signals going to
> it.

There is a dial on the box with 16 positions.
Positions 4-11 "check the following functions of the
control unit:
4 - Engine speed correction, pump control
5 - Basic compensation, rich
6 - Basic compensation, lean
7 - Engine speed correction, full load enrichment
8 - Acceleration/full load enrichment
9 - Start & warm-up enrichment
10 - Pump control
11 - Pump control

The manual says if any of these tests fail, the
control unit is defective and should be replaced.


 Was a cool
> conversation piece though. I bought it from Paul
> (T3D) right before I got
> out of T3's.
> I doubt that they are easy to find or very many of
> them left for that
> matter.

Have you driven your Type 3 today?

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